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Allfeed Process and Pack , From the desk of Tim Anderson 04/14/17

On January 6th 1996 I stepped out, in faith, to fill what I perceived to be a need in the pet food supply chain … and you responded .. and for 21 years we have had a robust and vibrant business in Galva IL.. Often stretched a bit too far.... seldom looking for work... always learning, growing, and striving for perfection.
  • We did not have to advertise ... you have all been THAT good to us.
  • Many of you have invested in equipment to work your projects... you have been that good to us..
  • We have made over 1100 payrolls ... YOU have been that good to us.
  • We survived a massive fire in 2009 and spent 1.2 million on a rebuild, and so many of you stood by us .. you have been THAT good to us.

It has been such a GREAT pleasure to serve you, as Allfeed Processing & Packaging Inc, these last 21 years. We have the best group of customers anyone could ask for and I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve again sometime.

The industry is changing and the build out has become too expensive for us to compete .. We built the business adding value to feed ingredients specifically for trading companies... allowing you to work with the suppliers and the end users directly, and allowing us to help you meet the demanding specifications of the end user .

The volume of work in that sector of our market has steadily diminished as this industry perfects itself.. Suppliers can now streamline deliveries and can adjust for variations in specifications AND with full transparency. Trading companies are back to building and putting into service their own production lines, owning brick and mortar facilities, and we are being squeezed out.

We have steadily reduced in size from a five million dollar company, in Galva, to just shy of $500,000 and from a peak of 80 employees to 4 and billed our last invoices April 1 2017

We have worked with more than 800 different ingredients through Galva, bringing at least 30 new or variations of value added ingredients to the market.. We have perfected processes not done anywhere else and still have ideas on the drawing board. Its been a good ride and we have been blessed.

Allfeed has hung on too long trying to find solid footing and now has lost momentum .. and so we are announcing that we will finish the process of shutting down Allfeed Processing & Packaging in Galva Illinois. We anticipate putting the Galva Illinois facility on the market in late 2018 once all inventory is removed.

This will take us some time to complete the shut down but as soon as we put the property on the market the word will spread and questions will begin to be asked. I felt that reaching out this way will cover the most people in the most efficient manner possible.

Two final thoughts. The first is if you are interested in the facility in Galva for your specific needs let me know and we can discuss options. The second is that as I have watched this demise unfold I can only say that I have gotten so much more than I deserve by working with you all through Allfeed Process and Pack Inc. THANK YOU!

Timothy O Anderson
Allfeed Processing & Packaging Inc,